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términos psicología relacional

It is a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on relationships; both on the person´s relationships in the extarnal world and on the relation between the patient and the therapist, by means of which they manage to treat the patient´s psychic suffering with a consequent unblocking of initiatives that are necessary for the patient to grow emotionally and improve their quality of life.

The conceptual basis of the relational thought lays in the "relational matrix"; early human relations have an effect on the present life and therefore, on the development of personality.

The neuropsychological discoveries let us differentiate between two types of memory: declarative memory, explicit, called the memory of the facts; and procedimental memory, implicit, the memory of the emotions. Our form of relating with the others, called Implicit Relational Knowing, is automatic and unconscious. Its change is possible, by establishing new ways of forming relationships.

The relational thought is linked to the concept of intersubjectivity. Psychotherapy is a meeting of two subjectivities where each of the elements of the dyad contributes to the psychological development of both.

Empathy is a central element in the psychotherapeutic process which helps the therapist understand the patient´s processes of relating to the others.


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